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Countdown to the MATCH - the official podcast of the Dr Myers Hurt AKA the Match Gurus is the only podcast dedicated to helping residency applicants shine on interview day. Dr. Myers Hurt discusses specifics involving the NRMP and ERAS, and dissects common (and uncommon) residency interview questions for The Match.
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Jun 18, 2016

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Hey everybody this is Myers Hurt with another edition of “Countdown to Match Day,” the official podcast of the Match Gurus, and the only podcast aimed at helping applicants shine on interview day. Remember to send any questions you want answered on the show via twitter @theMatchGurus or snapchat thematchgurus and we will get your questions answered.

In true countdown style, this season we’ll release one podcast each week for the 40 weeks leading up to Match Day 2017.  This is season 1 episode 1 - 40 weeks to go until Match Day 2017. Let’s jump into today’s topics of discussion.

The Alphabet Soup of Residency Applications:

ERAS - Electronic Residency Application Service - this is your application portal, and a service provided by the AAMC. You will be issued a token to register. Here is a good example of a YouTube tutorial for how to do that. For timeline, deadlines, and other reminders, follow ERAS on twitter @ERASinfo

NRMP - National Resident Matching Program - this is a third party organization that conducts the actual matching process. The R3 system - register, rank, results. Here is their calendar. Here is their checklist. Follow them on twitter @TheNRMP

FREIDA - Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database - list of all fellowship and residency programs published by the AMA, number of available spots, contact information, and other

ECFMG - Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates - for international and foreign medical students applying to the US NRMP Match - you will go through them to get your token and upload documents. OASIS - Online Applicant Status and Information System

AAFP Strolling through the Match 2016 PDF

Who’s Who in the residency application process?

Chairperson: Head of an entire department - oversees medical student education, residency education, research, patient care, surgical simulation, finance, hiring and firing, and all other department-wide logistics.

Program Director: Head of the residency education slice of a department. This is who will be overseeing residency interviews, applications, and submitting the final rank list.

Program Coordinator: Administrative assistant to the residency department. Deals with new applicant communication, interview scheduling, current resident licensing, and even logistics for residency alumni.

Question of the Day:

Can you elaborate on the specific systems that residency programs use to evaluate residents?

Dr. Michael Olson’s: The academic aspect of evaluation will never go away, but more departments are interested in a holistic approach. Make sure your Step scores are competitive, be open, honest, and clear about gaps in education. Other evaluation method is social - from first email to relaxed moments with residents, to how you interact with the other applicants.  

Dr. Myers Hurt’s answer: Agree with the social and “EQ” components of evaluation. There is no standardized evaluation form, but there is often a form that your interviewers will complete with Likert scale (1-5) of certain qualities to help “objectify” subjective data, along with a “comment” section.

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